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Cuban Freedom March

Marching for freedom and democracy.

Educating the world about the horrors of communism.

Advocating for human rights.

Amplifying the voices of the Cuban people.

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International Human Rights Day

Let’s Make Cuba Trend Again

Dec. 10th

Legislative Fly In

Congressional Visits| Letters To Ambassadors In DC

Spring 2024

3 years Since July 11th University Panel 

What’s Really Happening In Cuba

Summer 2024

Want to get more involved but don't know how?

Join us as a volunteer. We are looking for passionate people to join our efforts

We organize events such as marches and panels that welcome healthy dialog and promote discussion. This is a place of learning, connecting, and understanding. 

Cuban Freedom March is a millennial lead, non-partisan and nonprofit organization. 

We promise that we won’t stop until we see a free and democratic Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and WORLD.

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